1.  If you were a superhero, what would your powers be and why?

Invisibility. I could do things like rob banks and rig lotteries in my favor and no one would ever know. That, and scaring children and old people.

2. If you could trade places with any other person for a week, famous or not, real or fictional, with whom would it be?

Olivia Pope. That's Kerry Washington's character on "Scandal". She's gorgeous, she's a boss, and men go crazy over her; this is just so close to my actual life! ;) 

3. Who do you like best, your mom or your dad?

My mom. 

4. Who's your celebrity crush and why?

Robert Downey, Jr. His party days are legendary, he's hilarious, and Iron Man.

 5. What song best describes your work ethic?

"Work Bitch", by Britney Spears.

6. Pick two celebrities or fictional characters to be your parents.

Sophia Petrillo, from "The Golden Girls" and Cliff Huxtable, from "The Cosby Show". Sophia actually reminds me a lot of my real mom, just older and Sicilian!

7. What's the longest you've gone without a shower?

Two days.

8. What's your alcoholic beverage of choice?

Jack Daniel's, no ice. Macallan when I'm feeling fancy.

9. What is the last movie you saw, either at home or in an theater?

"Drinking Buddies" with Olivia Wilde and Jake Johnson.

10. If someone made a movie about your life, who would play you?

I would play me. No one can be me as well as or better than me.

11. If you were written about in the newspaper, what would the headline say?

Woman, 27, Petitions for Worldwide iPhone Ban; Says Android Phones Are "Everything"

12. What's your favorite place in Philadelphia to visit?

Tattooed Mom on South Street. Great drinks, old bumper cars, and lots of little toys to play with. It pretty much has all of the things I have ever loved. If I need a dance floor, I'm headed to iCandy, hands down.

13. Describe your first kiss.

It was very...adult. I was 7, I initiated it, and it was with my best friend at the time. My mom almost caught us, but I told her "We're just hanging out, watching Muppet Babies". Did she buy it? Well, I'm still alive, so I'm going with yes.

14. You're a rock star. What's the name of your band?

The Michael Keaton Experience

15. ...And what's the title of your band's debut album?

The Only Batman That Matters